Power up your Pétanque club or event

A digital team mate

Are you looking to stay on point with your Pétanque club or event marketing? Could you benefit from somebody that understands your sport to help you with your digital strategy?

Pétanque social media cards, perfect for your Facebook & Twitter feeds

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Social media support

A + For your club

Cards for new signings, match day promotions, club information & more

I help you establish the visual identity of your Pétanque club online, so that it becomes not just a club, but a recognisable brand.

B + For your tournaments

Promote your Pétanque competition, attract sponsorship & win big

Are you organising a Pétanque competition? Do you need content that will be of value to your sponsors and generate an audience?

Tailor-made event websites, to attract an audience & empower teams to register

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Website design

La British Open

Are you organising a Pétanque event and require a website?

Event details,
High-quality images & media,
Player registration forms,
Sponsorship details & more.

The website played a vital role in attracting sponsorship

Event photograpy, live streaming & match day coverage

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Event coverage

  • trophee des Villes Montlucon
  • la Mondial la Marseillaise
  • CEP Euro Cup
  • Umpires Pétanque
  • La British Open Pétanque Championship
  • Trophee l'Equipe Tours France

Being a Pétanque player & fan, I’m dedicated to be on hand with a small media team in order to capture your event

Real-time social media coverage,
Video shorts,
Live streaming & commentary.

The website played a vital role in attracting sponsorship

Capturing great content of La Mondial La Marseillaise yet again

Simply need some advice?

Digital can be complex at times, so don’t worry I am here to help guide you through the process